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Our story

ELENATURE: Free, confident, committed

ELENATURE has grasped it: a new hair era is beginning. And beauty will be part of it, by (re)connecting to nature through an ethical behavior towards oneself, others, and the Planet, without compromising the expectations in terms of pleasure and sensory experience of our consumers, all of whom are to be considered as unique. ELENATURE is a 100% innovative vision of hair care beauty, with technical and natural formulas designed to protect your hair and scalp from environmental stress while preserving the beauty of the planet.



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We believe...

In the need to take care of you and nature, from which we draw our strength and performance, by giving it back what it offers us through our current and future choices and behaviors, to create healthy and sustainable beauty through its formulas, production, and consumption, which respect our resources and our planet.

We are convinced that...

Offering a daily environmental stress shield preserves the hair from premature aging. It is necessary to take care not only of the hair fiber but also of the scalp, for healthy hair. The combination of technology and nature will shape the future of hair beauty.

For you...

We have created the sincerest hair care offer possible…To allow everyone to discover the luxury and performance of personalized care thanks to our most advanced diagnostic technology in the world, which measures the needs of all hair types without exception, without compromise, without hiding anything about our formulas, the transparency of our packs, and the challenges we face, to never give up on wanting to achieve the impossible.

We dedicate our products to those who combine beauty with honesty, self-confidence, and performance while respecting themselves, others, and the planet!

Our commitments

ELENATURE is not a brand like any other. For each step of its conception, from the elaboration of the formulas to the choice of the packs, our goal was to step out of our comfort zone. We wanted to find the most appropriate solution to uncompromisingly improve our performance regarding hair beauty and the sensory experience offered but also and above all while respecting the environment.

This unprecedented approach led us to go beyond our limits. And today ELENATURE exists. Greener and more sustainable than ever. ELENATURE is a new vision of premium beauty where technical skills, performance, natural formulations, and respect for the environment are inextricably linked.

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Clean formulas:

ELENATURE refused the easy way out and chose transparency by selecting ingredients allowing it to claim 100% clean & safe formulas and to obtain several labels guaranteeing the green quality of its products.

Our formulas carry both the COSMEBIO and VEGAN label, certified by ECOCERT and VEGAN SOCIETY. 100% Made in France.

ELENATURE HAS: no silicone, no paraben, no sulfate, no phthalate, no GMOs, no artificial colorings, no mineral oil, no controversial preservatives, no animal testing. A LIST OF “NO” THAT YES, MAKES SENSE!

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At ELENATURE, the green requirement also involves the choice of packaging and the respect of the '3Rs' rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

100% of our bottles are made from recycled and recyclable plastics.

90% of our packs are sourced in Europe, and our products are made in France for a lower carbon footprint.

1 right dose for all our bottles with a pump or pipette mechanism to limit waste.

0 secondary pack to fight against the production of unnecessary packaging... The best waste is the one that is not produced!

Finally, we chose transparent (recycled and recyclable) plastic to allow our customers to better monitor their consumption levels.

Jean Michel KARAM

Founding President of IEVA GROUP, the parent company of ELENATURE.

“The idea of ELENATURE came about after the birth of my children! What kind of world could I offer them? I wondered. I wanted it to be the best possible one! I asked myself what I could do as an entrepreneur. As beauty and technology are my areas of expertise, I created a brand that would make my children proud.

ELENATURE is an all-organic and natural hair care brand. First and foremost, ELENATURE highlights agriculture and biodiversity, but also the use of a clean production process that respects our health and our environment. Although its eco-design is part of a minimalist reflection, it doesn’t lose its attractiveness. ELENATURE is an eco-designed hair care brand that also combines pleasure, well-being, and performance. Clean formulas, unique fragrances, sensorial textures… ELENATURE is the first step of a green adventure that is only just beginning!”

"I want to make real ecology. Something concrete. My teams have designed ELENATURE not only with organic ingredients but also with an eco-friendly approach to limit environmental pollution thanks to quick-wash formulas, to reduce water consumption..." Jean Michel Karam,Founding President

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