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changement de saison cheveux

"Change of Seasons" Routine

240ml + 200ml + 150ml

“Change of Seasons” Routine


“Change of Seasons” Routine

For:All hair types

Actions:Revitalizes, repairs, prevents breakage, and protects

The needs of your hair evolve with the change in temperatures, the change of seasons, or according to the environment surrounding you. Build a beauty routine in line with your needs to bring your hair and scalp back to life in 3 easy steps: stimulate, repair, and protect. A perfect routine to prevent hair loss and deeply repair damaged hair while protecting it from external stress factors.

92.40 51.00 - 45%

240ml + 200ml + 150ml

Absolute Revitalizing & rebalancing shampoo

This shampoo, composed of 97.1% natural ingredients, stimulates hair growth and rebalances the scalp.

Intense hydrating & thermo-protective mist

This moisturizing leave-in mist, composed of 99.3% natural ingredients, acts as a shield to daily prevent the hair fiber from drying out, and protects it from damage caused by heat and external stress factors for healthy, shiny, and tidy hair that smells really good.

Extreme restructuring cream conditioner

This nourishing conditioner, composed of 99.2% natural ingredients and characterized by a lightweight creamy texture, strengthens the hair ends and restores the fiber to limit breakage and prevent the appearance of split ends.

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This routine contains:

Absolute Revitalizing & rebalancing shampoo

Its formula contains Azalea flower extract, which stimulates and promotes regrowth to increase hair density while limiting hair loss. It also contains three innovative active ingredients: Fleischer’s willowherb extract, a rare alpine plant, white nettle extract, and burdock root to visibly reduce sebum secretion, soothe, and rebalance the scalp. Capiguard acts as an environmental stress shield (pollution, UVA/UVB) to detoxify, smooth, and protect your hair daily.

Extreme restructuring cream conditioner

Its formula is rich in quality organic vegetable oils (jojoba, papaya, and coconut) with nourishing, smoothing, and softening properties. This treatment contains a high concentration of a vegetable protein able to penetrate the hair fiber for a fortifying and restructuring action. Capiguard acts as an environmental stress shield (pollution, UVA/UVB) to detoxify, smooth, and protect your hair daily. Its acidic pH (4,5) helps tighten the cuticles in order to lock all the active ingredients received during the treatment and smooth the hair fiber to spread the light on it.

Intense hydrating & thermo-protective mist

The formula is enriched with Aquaxyl™, a true "anti-dehydration" shield and a complex of heat-protecting active ingredients (Glycerin and vegetable Propanediol) to prevent the hair fiber from drying out, which is often due to the use of heating devices such as hair dryers or straighteners. Capiguard acts as an environmental stress shield (pollution, UVA/UVB) by smoothing the cuticle to make your hair impervious to external stress factors.

Beauty Routine


Step 1.  For medium to long hair, brush your hair to remove impurities, then wet it.

Step 2. Take 1-2 pumps of the Absolute Revitalizing & Rebalancing Shampoo in the palm of your hands and distribute over the entire scalp, being careful to lift your hair to make sure the shampoo is evenly applied.

Step 3. Rinse with lukewarm water, lifting the hair.

Step 4. Then, apply one or two pumps of the Extreme Restructuring Cream Conditioner to towel-dried hair and distribute it strand by strand on lengths and ends. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 5. After showering, apply the Intense Hydrating & Heat Protectant Mist to towel-dried, damp hair. Shake and spray on the scalp and hair. Leave on for a few seconds.

Step 6. Blow-dry your hair and style as usual.

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