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Joy Esther opens up

Our muse to represent ELENATURE, in harmony with our values: free, confident, committed.

"Nature is our only theater: it is our duty to preserve it. I am very proud to represent ELENATURE."
Joy Esther, Actress, the face of ELENATURE

5 secrets about Joy Esther

In this interview, Joy Esther shares with us her career history, experiences, inspirations, and beauty secrets, and explains the reason why she chose to be the face of the ELENATURE brand. An authentic and totally sincere moment.

5 secrets about Joy Esther

“I am glad that Jean Michel Karam chose me to represent this wonderful brand. I have been immediately seduced by its concept, the values it conveys, and obviously, its different products, which are environmentally friendly and so pleasant to use. The mark we leave through the choices we make is a subject particularly close to my heart.”

Joy Esther, Actress, the face of ELENATURE

Behind the scenes of the shooting

“Joy Esther runs away from the Parisian grayness. A luxuriant nature all around, a secret garden as her only theater… Her silky hair waves and shines under the light, perfectly marrying the surrounding foliage. The camera lens turns and twirls around her. She plays with it, sometimes ignores it, flaunting a knowing and mischievous smile and being charming, confident, and serene… She doesn’t pose, she is just free, confident, playful, dreaming, lively, and full of energy. She lives. She is life, she is nature.”

Yves Botalico, photographer.

Behind the scenes of the shooting

“In 2023, I take care of my hair (even more)”

I want to start this 2023 with a hair care routine by ELENATURE specially designed for me according to my hair needs in the winter season. During the end of the year celebrations, I put my hair through the mill, straining it with hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers… I feel my hair is in bad shape, it needs nutrition and hydration. I want to strengthen it to limit breakage and make my hair retain length.”

“I took my hair diagnostic,e-HairDiag by ELENATURE, available here.

After a few questions, I get my personalized hair care routine perfectly in line with my needs and the actual state of my hair now, in this winter season.

This routine mainly focuses on the Extreme REPAIR range, which has been developed to nourish, restore, and strengthen the hair fiber, thus limiting hair breakage and split ends.

First of all, I love the fragrance of the ELENATURE products. It is so soothing and relaxing. When I wash my hair by following my hair care routine, I feel like I’m in a SPA, a real wellness bubble around me.”

I love it!

Joy Esther’s hair care routine

“As I live in Paris, I know that using ELENATURE will allow me to protect my hair from pollution, which is responsible for premature hair aging. I am going now to share with you all my little secrets to flaunt amazing hair while taking care of our planet. Firstly, I use the pre-shampoo balm once a week. I love its balm texture that transforms into a silky oil. I apply it to my hair lengths, and I leave it on overnight. The next morning, I usually wash my hair using the Extreme REPAIR shampoo from the same range. Small tip: I wash and rinse my hair upside down!

Then, I always apply a small amount of my nourishing conditioner only to my hair lengths. Its creamy formula works on the surface of the hair fiber coating, nourishing, smoothing, and protecting it from friction. I can really see the difference: my hair is soft, shiny, and easy to detangle. However, no need to apply the conditioner if I have used the pre-shampoo balm. My hair will be nourished enough, so it is better not to overload it to avoid having heavy hair with no volume. I complete my routine with the hydrating and heat protectant mist from the Intense HYDRATION range. I spray it on damp hair to protect it from hair dryers and straighteners. This mist is fabulous! It is composed of 99.3% natural active ingredients. It works perfectly, and my hair smells so good. I suggest you watch the video available here if you have any doubts about the importance of using a heat protectant and its efficiency. Now, you know everything about my hair care routine by ELENATURE. So, take your hair diagnostic as well, and reveal the natural beauty of your hair and scalp while caring for the planet with natural and organic products suited to YOU. I wish you a wonderful year 2022 and gorgeous hair.”

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