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Did you know that shampoo bars are zero waste ?

With International Day of Forests and World Water Day falling on 21 and 22 March respectively, what better time to raise awareness of the importance of changing our behaviour to protect our beautiful planet.   

What exactly is zero waste? 

For a few years now, we’ve been hearing a lot about zero waste initiatives. But what exactly does this mean? We’re here to explain everything.  

At a time when protecting and looking after the environment are key priorities, it is important to limit our day-to-day environmental impact. And that starts with waste!  

When you factor in food waste and packaging, we throw away a phenomenal amount of waste every day. While our society is fortunately increasingly designing and proposing recycled or recyclable products and packaging, there is still some way to go if we want to avoid waste altogether. 

This is the aim of the Zero Waste movement. The term requires some qualification. Reaching zero waste today would not be possible. But this movement wants to reduce waste as much as possible. This involves the widespread use of recyclable materials but also a profound change in our habits.  

To help with this, you can follow the 5 “R”s: 

  • Refuse unnecessary packaging and products that you don’t need and that will end up in the bin. 
  • Reduce waste by buying loose products, for example. 
  • Reuse products that can be reused such as washable period protection products and masks and give a second life to objects and products. 
  • Return organic waste such as peelings to the earth by composting.  
  • Recycle everything that can be recycled by sorting your rubbish. 

Solid shampoo: a first step towards zero waste 

Whether you are already very active in environmental protection and the zero waste movement or you’re thinking about doing more, buying solid shampoo is a great habit to get into to reduce waste and take care of your hair in a natural and eco-friendly way.  

Solid shampoo has a lot of benefits and helps you to save money as it generally lasts a lot longer than conventional shampoo.   

At  ELENATURE, our solid shampoo is eco-designed.  

While liquid shampoos and conventional hair care products contain between 70% and 80% water, our 2 in 1 solid shampoo contains less than 10% water, limiting water consumption and thus protecting a renewable but not unlimited resource.  

In addition, thanks to its concentrated format, our solid shampoo lasts for two to three times longer than liquid shampoo. This will help you save money, water and plastic. 

Solid shampoo normally has eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging, unlike the non-recyclable bottles often used by conventional brands. At ELENATURE, we have ensured that the packaging for our 2 in 1 solid shampoo is eco-designed and biodegradable. We use a 100% biodegradable cardboard with vegetable inks to reinforce our ecological approach.  

And that’s not all! 

The packaging for this product is FSC Mixte certified, meaning it is made from eco-responsible sources. This includes some or all of the following elements:  

  • Virgin wood or fibre from a FSC certified forest  
  • Recycled wood of fibre  
  • Virgin wood or fibre coming from other controlled sources  

Just as effective as liquid shampoo, solid shampoo is winning over more and more people because of its low environmental impact. Containing 99.9% ingredients of natural origin, our 2 in 1 solid shampoo has an environmentally friendly formula. It contains no sulphates, parabens or silicone, which are harmful for your scalp and hair and very bad for the environment. When you rinse your hair they enter the water and end up in nature, damaging our beautiful planet, in contrast to natural and biodegradable ingredients, which pose no risk to nature or our hair.  

As you can see, solid shampoo is an excellent alternative to conventional hair care products if you want to look after your hair while protecting the environment. Our 2 in 1 formula combines shampoo and a detangling conditioner. It is perfect for making your locks shiny, supple and beautiful.  

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