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Now spring is here, how about trying short hair?

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to try our short hair. Luckily for you, we’re here to help to show you the most trendy short cuts for spring 2022.

Trendy short cuts for spring 2022   

The asymmetric cut  

This year, the focus is on originality.  These cropped cuts are styled above the head and have movement on either side of the face. The asymmetric cut is on the rise. A very modern style, it will make your look more dynamic and is perfect for oval and angular faces. Depending on the look you want, you either can go for a very marked asymmetrical cut or a slight asymmetry, which is more discreet, easier to style and something you can keep for longer

The pixie cut and its derivatives 

Easy to wear and maintain, this cut has been causing a sensation for several months. It stands out from other styles because of its rounded form, slight layers, and in certain cases, a large lock of hair behind the ear. Light and dramatic, the pixie cut is a modern version of the boy cut. Popular with many celebrities, there are now different versions of the pixie cut, including the mixie. This mix between the pixie cut and the mulet is on track to become the most popular cut of 2022.  

There is also the bixie cut, a trendy style somewhere between a pixie cut and a bob, which is all the rage. Longer than a classic pixie cut and close to a bob, it helps bring a retro touch to your look. 

The bowl cut 

A timeless look, the bowl cut can be worn from year to year, whatever your age. Suiting all hair types, it gives volume and a rounded look, while avoiding the dreaded “helmet” effect. The advantage of this cut is that there are no rules: there are endless variations, and you can choose one that suits your tastes and needs.  

The plunging bob 

This spring marks the return of the plunging bob. A classic look, there are lots of different types of bob, and right now it is the plunging bob that is making its big comeback. It can be worn with a very marked plunging effect, for a really original and dramatic style, or alternatively you can go for a light and discreet effect.  

How to get beautiful short hair 

It’s not enough to just cut your hair. 

Of course, this can help get rid of split ends and give a boost to hair that is dull and damaged by the cold, rain and snow of winter. But what then? For shiny, radiant and healthy locks, you’ll have to look after your hair with the right shampoos and conditioners.  

Why not see your new haircut as the opportunity to switch to organic and natural products. Wave goodbye to shampoos and hair care products full of sulphates and silicones, in favour of 100% natural products that are gentler on your scalp and hair. Don’t forget that natural shampoos are also much better for the environment. Thanks to a more eco-responsible formula, they generate less pollution and waste. 

Among our selection of 100% natural shampoos and hair care products, our organic hair serum will be a great ally in enhancing your hair after the winter. This cocktail of botanical oils nourishes, moisturizes and protects your hair, without weighing it down. This helps make it shiny, supple and soft. The serum will ensure your locks look great this spring so you can show off your beautiful short cut.  

Short hair sometimes means using straighteners. For a straight and smooth plunging bob or simply to tame rebellious locks, straighteners can provide an easy day-to-day fix when you have short hair. As you know, using straighteners too much can be very harmful for your hair. In order to protect your locks, don’t forget to use our heat protective hair mist. With its special formula, it protects your hair from heat, preventing it from drying out.  

As you can see, once you have decided to take the plunge and go for trendy short hair this spring, taking care of your locks will be just as important.  By using the right shampoos and hair care products, you can nourish, moisturize and protect your hair, for a beautiful short look and shiny, soft and healthy hair.  

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