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Straighteners, hairdryers…should we avoid them and what are the alternatives?

Is heat bad for your hair?  

Exposing your hair to very high temperatures can dry it out because the heat accelerates the evaporation of water naturally present in the hair. Over time, the scalp and the hair will become damaged and irritated. As a result, your hair becomes dry, dull and brittle with split ends.  

So does that mean we have to steer clear of hairdryers, straighteners and other sources of artificial heat?  

It is important to bear in mind that all these appliances act differently on your hair.  While it is, of course, better to avoid them, we can give you tips on how to protect your hair, if you do use them.  

Is the hairdryer a friend of your hair? 

To avoid being cold or to save time when you get out of the shower, the hair dryer can be a real ally. But remember, it is not very good for your hair.  

The hairdryer doesn’t just dry your hair, but it also dries your scalp. It removes water present on the hair, but can also remove the hair’s natural water content. This has a damaging effect on hair cuticles (the scales on the hair that protect and nourish it). As a result, your hair becomes dry, damaged, brittle and fragile.  

What about air drying?  

Contrary to what you might think, air drying is not the ideal solution. In fact, when your hair is wet, it is more sensitive to pollution, external aggressions, friction from clothes, pillows, etc. The reason for this is that the water expands the hair, leading to the breakage of cuticles and weakening the hair. In winter, for example, when it’s cold outside, we recommend you use the hair dryer and don’t go out with wet hair to protect your hair from getting damaged by the water present in the hair freezing. 

So what should you do?  

It is recommended to alternate between these two drying methods depending on the season and the time of day you wash your hair.   

What are the risks of straightening your hair? 

It’s not just an old wives tale, straighteners really are bad for your hair.  

Straighteners can be a really practical way to tame your hair in minutes, but remember that this requires very high temperatures, sometimes reaching 230°C.  

The heat can be bad for the hair fibre, drying, damaging and weakening it. This can lead to hair loss or scalp irritations (because you’re not looking after it properly). Exceeding 180°C (which is already a lot) is not recommended, so imagine what your hair is subjected to when you use heat of 230°C every day. Straighteners should be saved for occasional use.  

What can you do about it? 

Don’t worry, while we know heat appliances can be harmful and aggressive, there are ways to keep using them while protecting your hair.  

Remember, however, that prolonged daily use of these appliances is still not advised and will ultimately burn or damage your hair.  

Heat protective spray  

A real protective barrier for everyday use, our heat protective hair mist is perfect for protecting your hair from heat and other aggressions. Thanks to a formula containing 99% ingredients of natural origin, it has a deep acting effect to prevent the hair from becoming too dry. And that’s not all! Thanks to its heat protective active ingredients, the ELENATURE mist protects your hair when using straighteners and hair dryers. It also acts as a shield against environmental stress by smoothing cuticles, which makes them more resistant and impermeable to external aggressions.  

Start good habits! 

When you straighten your hair, make sure it is completely dry (and not damp). If your hair is not bone dry, you risk slightly burning it and creating a little “explosion” of steam.   

As far as hairdryers are concerned, don’t set the heat too high and avoid staying too long in the same zone. It’s also important not to don’t hold the hair dryer too close to your hair, as you could damage it with too much heat.  

The right hair products and hair care routine 

Ionic technology is less aggressive for your hair. It allows you to dry, straighten or curl your hair. . This could be a good alternative and a great way to enhance your hair without putting it through too much, especially if you use the ELENATURE heat protective spray!  

Lastly, to make your hair healthy and shiny, opt for natural and vegan hair products. Less harsh than conventional hair care products, they give your hair everything it needs, without damaging it.  

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