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The sliced bob: the ultimate haircut for 2022

A lot of celebrities embraced it towards the end of 2021, and now, the sliced bob is shaping up to be THE haircut of 2022. So, what is it? Who suits it? And how to wear it? Here’s the low-down on the star hairstyle of 2022. 

What exactly is a sliced bob? 

The bob is a timeless classic. In winter or summer, for straight or curly hair, the bob never goes out of fashion. It is a safe bet at any age if you’re looking for a modern and elegant look that highlights your face. The bob comes in many shapes and sizes. There is the plunging bob, the asymmetrical bob, the shoulder-length bob…and the list goes on. There are endless variations so, anyone can go for it. 

Over the last few weeks, a new bob style has started to emerge: the sliced bob. This hairstyle, worn by Karlie Kloss, Lucy Hale, and Addison Rae, differs from a classic bob with its straight cut and its layered effect. While there is nothing revolutionary about it, its ultra-glamorous look and “I-woke-up-like-this” effect, which suits fine, straight hair, in particular, are sure to win you over.  

The sliced bob is a tapered and blunt chin-length haircut that leaves the nape of the neck visible. Without going as far as a plunging bob, the strands are a little longer at the front than at the back, which highlights the jaw, delicately and elegantly enhancing your face.  

The sliced bob: the ideal haircut for fine hair  

This version of the bob is particularly well suited to fine and straight hair. Its different lengths give volume to your locks, creating movement. Harry Josh, the celeb hair guru, explains: “If you have finer hair, this helps create a cleaner line. It looks instantly pulled together.” 

However, bear in mind that this hairstyle is more difficult to upkeep if you have curly and frizzy hair. A sliced bob is still possible for this hair type, but you’ll need to spend more time styling it to get the results you want. 

For straight hair, it is very easy to style. Thanks to its tapered, layered style, this haircut requires minimal day-to-day maintenance. Another advantage of the sliced bob is that when your hair grows, it will still keep its movement, so you can keep this style for longer, without needing to visit your hairdresser every two weeks to readjust the cut.  

How to style a sliced bob?  

Day-to-day, this type of bob only requires minimal upkeep and styling, especially if you have naturally straight hair. For curly or frizzy hair, a bit more effort is needed. You can go for a straight or curly style, depending on what you feel like. For a natural and glamorous look, it’s best to let your hair air dry. Only the strands framing your face might need an extra final touch with a light blow-dry to give them a bit more volume and movement. 

If the cut is done properly, the lengths should grow back at the same rate, allowing you to wait a bit longer between haircuts. You’ll still need a proper hair care routine to take care of your hair and keep it looking shiny.   

Don’t forget to carefully choose your hair care products to suit your hair type. Ideally, it’s best to go for a sulfate-free shampoo, which is gentler and more natural, making it less aggressive for your scalp and better for your hair. This will make your locks more beautiful, softer, and lighter.  

As well as a shampoo suited to your hair, don’t forget to care for your hair by regularly using hair masks and conditioning treatments. This will help protect, strengthen, and moisturize your locks, giving you perfect, healthy hair. If you straighten, curl, or regularly blow dry your sliced bob, it is important to protect your hair with a serum and hair mist, specially designed to protect hair from heat and external aggressions, while also helping to tame your hair and keep it looking shiny.  

The sliced bob, combining originality and elegance, is without a doubt THE trend of the moment and the must-have haircut for the coming months. It has already won over swathes of celebrity fans and is a cut that works well day-to-day and can really enhance your look. Whatever you’re wearing, with or without makeup, the sliced bob gives you a “I-woke-up-like-this” look and an irresistible dose of glamour. Easy to upkeep and style, it is the ideal cut for you if you don’t want to spend too long getting ready in the morning. So, what are you waiting for?  

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