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How about going red hair?

It’s very trendy right now, but red hair has not always been fashionable. 

This long overlooked hair color is now very popular and is winning more and more people over. So have you considered going red?  

So pretty, so flamboyant…red hair is not common and is in fact a trait shared by only 2% of the world population. International Kiss a Ginger Day, celebrating redheads, is on 12 January and is the chance to highlight this rare and much coveted hair color. Indeed, while red hair has long been mocked, rejected, and even associated with evil, it is today a very trendy color, sported by many celebrities.  

Some interesting facts about redheads 

Did you know that natural redheads have less hair than the norm? 

On average, we have 120,000 hair follicles on our head, but a true redhead has to make do with 90,000 strands compared to 150,000 for a blond. However, each strand of red hair is generally thicker than other shades, which compensates for the fact that redheads have less hair. 

Who is red hair right for? 

Although natural redheads are rare, it is, of course, possible to have your hair colored to give it a try and live the experience of having ginger hair. 

Can anyone go red? The good news is that the answer is yes!  

However, as with any hair color, there are different shades of red…and as you can imagine, some shades will suit you better than others, depending on your skin tone and your natural hair color. 

Pale complexions work particularly well with red hair of all shades. For darker skin, dark red, auburn, or chestnut with copper highlights are good choices. 

Going from blonde to red 

Blonde hair is the simplest to color, as it easily holds the pigments and can take on almost any color. For a natural result, avoid colors that are too bold and opt for a Venetian blonde look or a shade close to your natural color. You can also go for bolder contrasts and choose a vivid red that will light up your complexion and make you stand out from the crowd.   

Going from chestnut to red  

Chestnut brown is the ideal shade for going red. It is a fairly neutral tone that holds pigments well and is an excellent base for a nice natural red. Choose auburn for a gorgeous natural look. Pale complexions also work well with an Irish red, while darker skin tones are more suited to a red-brown or honey shade. For Venetian blonde, it is important to bleach hair first for best results.  

Going from dark hair to red 

Dark hair is more difficult to dye red. You will need to either bleach first or go for dark auburn or red, copper, or purple highlights, which will work perfectly with your natural color. 

And for redheads? 

If you already have red hair, why not accentuate and enhance your natural color by adding some highlights, streaks, and shades? This will allow you to lighten or darken your locks with a magnificent effect.   

How to maintain red hair  

Colored red hair needs particular care and attention, without which it can easily become dull or turn a carrot shade that is best avoided… In addition, coloring or bleaching your hair too frequently can damage the hair fiber making your hair dry, brittle, and vulnerable to environmental aggressions.   

Red hair can quickly lose its shine and charm without the right care. Red is a difficult color to maintain. The copper pigments fade quickly, giving way to yellow pigments that are less attractive and fashionable. To avoid this and make your color last longer, it is important to use a type of shampoo for colored hair to take care of your locks. Go for organic, mild, and sulfate-free products, which are not harsh on your hair. After a few washes, red hair continues to bleed, and its color keeps fading. Some products and hair care treatments designed for red/copper hair can reinject color pigments to give your hair a boost. However, it will still be necessary to regularly visit your hairdresser or get your color touched up to maintain and intensify it.  

Colored red hair tends to bleed a lot. To keep your hair color from fading too soon, try not to wash your hair too often, especially at the beginning. Spread out washes as much as possible, which will benefit both your hair and your color.  

If you had to bleach your hair, or you color it regularly, don’t forget to use moisturizing products to strengthen the hair fiber and make your locks stronger and shinier. Whether you go for full color or highlights, taking care of your hair with the right products is essential to protect and enhance your strands! 

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