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Rambuvital ™: what is it and what are its benefits

Rambuvital ™ is an extract from the seeds of Rambutan (known as the “hairy lychee”), a delicate fruit from the Nephelium lappaceum, a tropical tree native to Asia. Delicious, healthy, and good for your hair, what’s not to like about it? Read on to find out more!    

Rambutan? Hairy lychee? What is it? 

They’re the same thing (don’t worry, we’ll explain more)! Rambutan, or, the hairy lychee, as you may have guessed, is a delicious fruit native to different parts of Asia such as Indonesia, the island of Java, Malaysia, and Thailand. The fruit is now also found in other parts of the world, such as French Guiana or Florida, though it is rare to find it grown in our territories (because Nephelium lappaceum doesn’t bear fruit in this climate), even if it is possible in some greenhouses. The name “rambutan” comes from the word “rambut,” which means “hair” in Malay. This name was chosen for good reason as the fruit, which is in the same family as lychees, guineps, and longan fruit, has the appearance of hairy lychee!  

The rambutan is considered a super fruit. As well as being tasty, it has many health benefits and is even used in some countries as a remedy for high blood pressure and diabetes. The hairy lychee is also renowned for being good for the skin because of its high water content. It moisturizes, smoothes, and offers an anti-aging action by preventing skin aging and dryness. And that’s not all! Rambutan, or more specifically Rambuvital™, is also great for your hair

What exactly is Rambuvital ™? 

Rambuvital™, specifically developed to promote healthy hair and make it last over time, is extracted from the seeds of these famous hairy lychees or rambutan. This plant-based cosmetic active ingredient is increasingly used in organic beauty products and for good reason, as it allows you to take care of your hair naturally and is an excellent alternative to ingredients and active ingredients from the chemical industry. 

What are the benefits of Rambuvital ™ for your hair? 

If you want the best for your hair, Rambuvital™ is exactly what you’re looking for. First, this natural ingredient from rambutan can replace chemical products, allowing you to wave goodbye to parabens, sulfates, and other toxic ingredients that may harm your beautiful and beloved locks. In addition, Rambuvital™ offers many scientifically proven benefits for your hair. In the past, the seeds, leaves, and peel of this fruit were not properly appreciated but now they are! 

Researchers have found that Rambuvital™, which is extracted from the seeds of the fruit, has many positive effects on the scalp: 

  • This cosmetic ingredient has extraordinary refreshing properties. Studies have shown that Rambuvital ™ reduces the odorous volatile organic compounds released by the hair after exposure to external aggressions, for example.  
  • Rambuvital ™ also helps effectively and sustainably energize the hair bulb.  
  • It reduces scalp irritation by considerably preventing the oxidation of the sebum (produced by the scalp) by the air pollution of our present-day cities. 
  • Rambuvital™ significantly strengthens what we call the scalp protective barrier
  • Scientific studies have shown that Rambuvital™ helps make our hair look shinier and stronger over the long term. 

Rambuvital ™ in organic hair care products 

In 2015, the Rambutan program was set up in Vietnam. This program, launched by BASF, is designed to promote the cultivation of rambutan by farmers and a dedicated local team. The cultivation fields of their local partner are the first organically certified Rambutan gardens in Vietnam. This eco-friendly cultivation of the trees and their fruits allows their properties to be extracted and used in cosmetics.   

At a time when organic, natural, vegan, and environmentally-friendly products are replacing conventional cosmetics and hair care products, Rambuvital™ stands out as one of the key ingredients for taking care of your hair while respecting the environment.  

At ELENATURE, we focus on innovative, eco-friendly, and, of course, effective formulas. Some of our products, developed to fight against the effects of environmental stress on our hair, contain Rambuvital™. Whether in a conditioner, mask, or moisturizing and heat-protecting hair mist, it protects your hair, making it shiny and beautiful. Your hair will be healthier, moisturized, and much stronger

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