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10 New Year’s resolutions for healthy, good-looking hair

Who doesn’t want good-looking hair? Nobody! And who would like to make their hair even better? Everybody! Behind these simple questions and their obvious answers lies a more complex issue…how to achieve beautiful hair all year round and what you can do to make your hair even better.    

Eat well (or better!) 

As everyone knows, it is important to eat healthily. Even though keeping fit and healthy is the main aim of eating well, all the parts of your body will benefit from proper nutrition, including your hair. A good diet, rich in zinc and potassium will help, for example, limit hair loss and encourage (re)growth. Many foods are good for the hair, including oysters, eggs, and green vegetables… In short, for great hair, eat a healthy, balanced diet!  

Get your masks out!  

Hair masks are very important and a real ally when it comes to taking care of your good-looking hair and helping to strengthen it and make it look even better. To give your hair and scalp what they need, don’t just make do with any mask. You can take a diagnostic to be sure about your intuitions. ELENATURE offers a very high-performance one. Choosing natural products adapted to your good-looking hair type and scalp is essential.  

Wash your hair, by all means, but don’t forget certain rules!   

Washing your hair is important, but the key is not to overwash! The more you wash your hair, the quicker it gets greasy and becomes fragile. Washing your hair once or twice a week is ideal. However, shampoo twice in a row when you wash it: the first shampoo helps remove all the impurities and dirt, and the second one allows the active ingredients of your shampoo to penetrate the hair fiber. Also, don’t forget to carefully choose your shampoo (the most natural possible, obviously) to suit your hair type.  

Go natural! 

You already know a lot about washing your hair, but don’t forget to go natural: forget conventional beauty products (and wave goodbye to sulfates, parabens, and silicones) and embrace organic, natural, and vegan products.  

Brush your hair 

It is important to brush your hair to stimulate blood flow, to detangle in the morning, and to get rid of impurities in the evening, but make sure you’re doing it the right way! Brushing should be gentle, shouldn’t scrape the scalp, and should be done with the right brush. Moreover, remember to brush your hair before you wash it to spread sebum evenly through your hair and to help nourish it before washing.  

If you wear hats and caps, wear them sparingly!    

We know headwear can often be an important part of our visual identity. However, your scalp and your hair won’t thank you for wearing a hat 365 days a year. It can actually have a considerably negative effect on your hair. Your scalp needs to be able to breathe properly, and your hair can be damaged by repeatedly rubbing against these accessories. The idea isn’t to completely stop wearing your favorite hats, caps, and beanies but make sure you give your hair room to breathe and check your accessories are not too tight.  

Be careful in the sun! 

The sun is not only harmful to your skin and eyes, but it can also have negative effects on your hair and scalp over time. Don’t hesitate to use sprays or other protective solutions, or wear a hat or cap (not too tight as we have already said) to avoid sun damage.   

Get rid of split ends!  

It’s no secret that you should get a trim from time to time to encourage hair growth. Split ends are considered to slow hair growth. This means that your hair will not grow more quickly by trimming off split ends, but will grow at normal speed. In addition, regular trims mean putting an end to dry split ends once and for all. 

Avoid straighteners! 

As useful and effective as these appliances are, they are a real instrument of torture for your hair. When you consider that you could cook an egg with them, just imagine the impact they can have on your poor hair! If you really must use them, protect your hair beforehand with a hair mist to limit the damage.   

Don’t scratch your head every 5 minutes  

Touching your hair, itching your head…all these pleasant things we do all the time without thinking. But your scalp and hair don’t really like it, so try not to do it so often. Your hair will thank you for it! 

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