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Get your party hairstyle ready for Christmas and New Year

With Christmas and the holiday season just around the corner, we all want to get dressed up to the nines, bring out our best makeup, and of course….our best party hairstyle! 

Here are some ideas and tips to enhance your hair during these Christmas holidays.  

Tinsel Hair: THE party hairstyle for this Christmas 

The festive season is the chance to bring a bit of sparkle to your look. For this, we usually turn to sequins and bright colors, but this year there is a new big trend: Tinsel Hair

The idea is to make your hair sparkle using tinsel. We don’t mean the same tinsel you’ve been using to decorate your Christmas tree for the last 10 years, but colored, shiny glitter extensions you can weave into your hair. These come in packs and are easy to tie to your natural hair. Blondes can opt for golden threads, while silver is a perfect fit for brunettes, to create magical contrasts. You can either really go for it or, alternatively, add a discreet sparkle to your hair with just a few tinsel threads here and there.   

The accessories to set off your festive hairstyle 

Hairstyles that incorporate accessories are the perfect solution if you want to discreetly enhance your hair or if you don’t have much time. Christmas and the holiday season are synonymous with all that glitters and sparkles…You can give your creativity free rein with the shiny accessories you choose. From clips and brooches to slides and hairbands, it is easy to find shiny and bejeweled accessories. They are the perfect way to bring the finishing touch to a carefully constructed hairstyle or to adorn your natural locks. 

If you prefer a discreet and elegant party hairstyle, you can tie up your hair with a velvet or satin ribbon instead of just a hairband or elastic band to finish off your look and bring a touch of elegance to your party outfit.    

What hairstyle for short hair? 

Showing off short hair for the holiday season is a piece of cake! If you want something chic and discreet, a nice headband matching your outfit is perfect. For something more flashy and colorful, don’t be afraid to use temporary color! You can easily find sprays in shops for fast and original color. If you don’t want something too conspicuous, colored highlights are ideal for just a touch of originality and color. 

What hairstyle for shoulder-length hair?  

For shoulder-length hair, focus on a glamorous wavy effect. You can also adorn your hair with one or more jewels or glittery accessories in gold and silver tones to stay in the Christmas spirit.  

What hairstyle for long hair? 

With long hair, all sorts of hairstyles are open to you. 

For the festive season, go for a simple but chic look, such as a bun, a braid, or a half updo. For more originality, you can add a headscarf or some shiny accessories for a magical touch.  

If your style is more classic or romantic, you can embrace curls and mix different textures to give your locks more volume.  

Take care of your hair: before, during and after the festive season  

Your hair needs to be very healthy for your hairstyle to work well and look great. Let’s tell the truth, a wavy bob cut with dry split ends is not really the look we want…To avoid this, make sure you take care of your hair in the run-up to Christmas by using the right products and suitable shampoo and regularly applying hair care treatments.  

During the festive season, you run the risk of damaging your hair, especially if you’re going for a more sophisticated, styled look. Coloring, straightening, curling, or tying up your hair can all cause damage. Be careful to choose natural, gentle products and suitable accessories. It is also important to apply hair care products, serums, and hair mists, to act as a shield and protect the hair fiber from harsh styling.  

After the holidays, give your hair a break if you’ve been guilty of over styling. Avoid coloring, straightening treatments, or blow-drying, which could weaken your hair even more and opt for masks, serums, and other moisturizing products to strengthen the hair fibers. If you normally tie your hair back, try to leave it down more or at least only tie it loosely to avoid hair loss. 

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