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SOS static hair: our tips on how to tame it

You’ve just styled your hair and it is already out of control. Sounds familiar? Does your hair stand proudly on end as soon as you put on a jumper or take off your hat? Winter is the season of static hair. Luckily, with a few changes, you can make this annoying problem a thing of the past!  

Why do we get static hair? 

In winter, when it’s cold and dry, the lack of humidity can lead to this phenomenon. Likewise, friction, especially from hats, scarves, and other items of clothing can lead to the appearance of static hair. So, how does it happen? It occurs when hair becomes charged with tiny electric particles called ions. This creates an electrostatic charge and, like magnets, the hair strands repel each other and are attracted by opposite charges from surrounding objects. The hair then becomes static, meaning it is hard to control, gets tangled, and gets stuck everywhere. 

Static hair: what can we do about it? 

Let’s face it, static hair unexpectedly standing on end is not really the look we’re going for. Far from it! Fortunately, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks to get rid of it. 

1- Moisturize your hair  

In winter, the difference between the cold air outside and warm temperatures inside tends to weaken keratin, the main component of hair. This is what allows the hair to become statically charged. To avoid this, you can moisturize your hair by opting for a moisturizing shampoo and products like a hair mist or oil that will hydrate and care for your hair fibers. 

2- Watch out for layered haircuts 

In the run up to winter, go for uniform, straight haircuts rather than layered ones. This style weighs down the hair, avoiding it to become static, because it is less susceptible to static electricity.  

3- Avoid synthetic clothing 

If you tend to get static hair, the best thing to do is avoid synthetic materials like acrylic. Natural materials like wool and cotton are more suitable and will stop your hair getting out of control.  

4- Air-dry clothes  

If you often get static hair, try to avoid drying your clothes in the dryer. Tumble dried laundry tends to amplify the static charge of your hair. Even if it takes longer to dry, opt for air drying or machine programs that stop before clothes are completely dry.  

5- Control air quality 

As you can see, air that is too dry, with not enough humidity, can encourage the appearance of static hair. In winter, the air is often cold and dry, and at home, heating makes the air just as dry. To help your hair, you can install a humidifier in the main living areas, or place a bowl or cup of water close to radiators.  

6- Avoid temperature changes  

Sudden temperature changes, known to amplify static electric charges, should be avoided in winter. Try to wait a few minutes before going into a very warm room and above all, don’t brush your hair just after going from one extreme temperature to another.  

7- Ionic hair dryers and anti-static brushes  

There are devices and brushes specially designed to combat static hair. They neutralize the positive ions that cause them. Brushes with natural bristles can also be a good solution. Not only will they help tame your hair, but they are also softer and don’t damage your hair. 

8- The emergency solution: hand cream  

Do you find winter shopping trips a nightmare because of static hair? To tame your hair after trying on a jumper, always carry hand cream with you and apply a small amount to your hair before going out. The cream will help weigh down your hair and will stop this static effect.  

9- Dampen your hair 

Another quick and easy technique to get rid of static hair: apply a bit of water to your hair.  

If you notice that your hair is out of control, wet your hands and then run them over your hair from roots to ends. The humidity will absorb the electric charge and your hair will quickly return to normal.  

10- Take care of your hair 

Stop excessive straightening, blow drying and coloring your hair, which damages the keratin. Avoid washing your hair every day… If you are in the habit of touching your hair a lot, try to avoid this because the more you touch your hair the more it becomes electrically charged. For the same reason, beware of excessive brushing. In this period, give your hair a break and take care of it by using the right moisturizing hair care products. 

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