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Why is washing your hair every day a bad habit?

There’s no doubt about it, washing your hair every day is definitely a very bad idea! It can certainly be tempting…there’s nothing better than a refreshing shower or hot bath after a hard working day, after taking public transportation, coming back from a long walk in the countryside, or after a sleepless night. It’s true. Sometimes, it’s just what you need. And once you’re in the shower, it’s easy to think you might also wash your hair while you are at it. But no, stop right there and give your hair a break from time to time!  

Why is washing your hair every day a bad idea?  

Daily washing is extremely bad for your hair! It destroys the natural oils (that protect hair fibers), which are necessary to keep your hair healthy. Keep in mind that we say “washing our hair”… And we only wash what is dirty, don’t we? 

If you have this bad habit, it could lead to a multitude of easily avoidable problems

  • Your scalp/roots get greasy more quickly 
  • You notice you have dandruff 
  • Your scalp and hair are very dry after shampooing  
  • Your hair is brittle, and your ends are quickly damaged… 

Let’s be honest! If you suffer from any of these problems, you’re more than likely guilty of overwashing your poor hair. These frequent shampoos have a “stripping” effect that is both visibly harmful and dangerous for your scalp and hair. Also, keep in mind that if you are a color addict, repeated washing will quickly dull the pretty shade you have chosen. 

Ideally, you should wash your hair once or twice a week, depending on your hair type. To prevent your hair from becoming greasy, dry, brittle, or damaged, opt for natural hair care products suited to your hair type. 

What happens if I start washing my hair less frequently?  

Overwashed hair feels under attack… and to protect itself, it produces sebum, in other words, it becomes greasy. Basically, as it has lost the natural oils which serve as a protective layer, the hair fiber does what it can to protect itself with the sebum that we try to avoid. So it’s a bit like a dog chasing its tail: we don’t want greasy hair, so we wash it. The more we wash it, the more it becomes damaged and greasy and needs to be washed. As you can see, it’s a vicious circle that you need to get out of in order to get back that pretty hair you love so much! 

What can I do to stop my hair getting greasy too quickly?  

As we’ve already mentioned, overwashing your hair leads to excessive sebum production and gives the feeling of greasy hair, sometimes just 24 hours after a wash. This means that by changing your hair washing routine and slowing down the frequency of washing, at some point, you will have greasy hair, even if you have just washed it. But, no stress! Solutions do exist!  

First of all, don’t worry and keep in mind that your scalp will stabilize. You will quickly notice that your shampoos, even though less frequent, will become less and less “vital.” A few weeks or months will be enough to reach your new cruising rhythm. But you’re probably wondering what you can do in the meantime. There’s no chance you’re going out looking like a “castaway on a desert island,” so you’ll need to find solutions while you’re waiting for everything to balance out! Here are your most important allies: 

  • Use a gentle shampoo (and vegan, it’s always better!) for greasy hair 
  • Dry shampoo can be incredibly effective  
  • Only wash once! Washing your hair twice in a row has no advantage and can damage the protective natural layer 
  • Don’t wear too many hats, caps, or other accessories that can suffocate your scalp/hair  
  • Keeping an eye on your diet is essential: fast food, fatty foods, excess sugar should be avoided… 
  • Don’t take too hot showers because “boiling” water removes more natural oils than necessary.   

So there you go, that’s everything (or almost!). Taking care of your hair is not easy but, with the right tools (routines, organic products, good conditioners, etc.), everything is possible, and you will soon be able to space out your shampoos while keeping that beautiful hair that you have always cherished and that you still want to flaunt. 

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