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How to get rid of greasy hair?

Obviously, nobody wants greasy hair. But unfortunately, some scalps tend to be more oily than others. Even if genetics play an undeniable role in this complex system, other elements also contribute to this very common problem that affects so many people. So, what are the causes and what can be done about it? Don’t worry! Everything will be discussed here to help you finally get rid of greasy hair effect that causes you so much trouble! 

How does the scalp work?  

You might be wondering what on earth could be happening on your head for your hair to get greasy so quickly. In truth, the process is as simple as it is annoying! The main players in this unpleasant situation are: sebum, roots, and the sebaceous glands. How does it work? It’s quite simple: when there is excessive sebum buildup on your scalp (a phenomenon sometimes called “seborrhea”), the sebaceous glands clog up and obstruct what we call the “pilosebaceous follicles,” having a more or less asphyxiating effect on the roots. This makes it impossible for them to absorb the excess, which results in the dreadful greasy look that you hate so much.  

Why does my hair get greasy so quickly?  

As we have already mentioned, genetics are partially responsible for it, but other factors such as modern lifestyles and stress also make their contribution. Pollution (big cities are unfortunately very polluted…), stress (society, family, work…we’re always being asked for more!), wrong or harsh products, overwashing, hormonal issues, reactions to certain molecules found in medicines, diet (too much fat and sugar…), liver problems, obesity, heating damage from hairdryers and straighteners…are just some of the many and varied reasons behind this problem! 

Our body and our hair go through a lot on a daily basis and this takes its toll. All these factors often result in a recurring problem: hair that gets greasy too quickly for our liking!  

Greasy hair: what can we do about it? 

It may seem obvious, but try not to get stressed about it (that could make the problem even worse). First of all, sebum is not the enemy! Yes, sebum is what gives this greasy feeling and the shiny, sticky appearance, but it is essential because, otherwise, your scalp would be very, very dry. This is completely the opposite problem, but it is neither pleasant to have nor easy to fix. So let’s have a look at specific solutions that could change your life: 

  • The first tip (which may be an obvious one): adapt your hair care routine and beauty products (why not take the opportunity to switch to clean naturally-formulated products?) to your hair type and concern. Sometimes, this alone can be enough to solve the problem. Why not take advantage of the many hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.) that have been scientifically formulated for every hair concern? 
  • Wash less frequently! It is scientifically proven that overwashing makes hair get greasy faster. Could this be the cause of your problem? Give your hair a break and use a natural dry shampoo instead. 
  • Brush your hair in the evening using a soft brush with natural bristles to help spread the sebum that has accumulated throughout the day evenly across your hair. Overnight, the hair fiber will absorb it and will be naturally nourished, limiting greasy hair in the morning.  
  • Watch what you eat. 
  • Avoid twirling your locks (this is often a hard habit to break, but you can do it!) 
  • Limit high temperatures from hairdryers and straighteners. 
  • Ensure you properly rinse your hair after shampooing and conditioning. Don’t hesitate to flip your head upside down to do this. 
  • Opt for products formulated with natural and organic active ingredients that will take care of your hair without damaging it even more. Environmental stress can be particularly harmful to the hair fiber, so it is important to look after your hair with the right products. 
  • Listen to your scalp! This might seem silly, but by observing the impact of your diet and the products you use on your scalp, you can easily understand what is suitable for your hair, as well as what has to be absolutely avoided.  
  • See a doctor. Unfortunately, sometimes none of these solutions will have a sufficiently positive impact to be considered effective. In this case, you should consult a doctor, specifically a dermatologist. Treatments and solutions do exist, so don’t give up.  

At ELENATURE, we recommend you use our ABSOLUTE VITALITY shampoo, which has been specially formulated with white nettle extract and burdock root to visibly reduce sebum secretions, soothe and rebalance the scalp. 

As you can see, greasy hair issues can easily be solved by switching to naturally-formulated shampoos and conditioners with non-irritating active ingredients, by applying a lotion, rinsing your hair more thoroughly, or avoiding touching and playing with your locks. Otherwise, for worse cases, seeing a doctor, in particular, a dermatologist, can end the dreaded problem of greasy scalp and hair once and for all, making life much easier! 

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