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DOs & DON’Ts to grow your hair

As summer approaches, we are often tempted to get our hair cut to cool off… the cold winter months usually encourage us to keep our mane beautifully long. Yes, but half an inch a month is not always enough when you want long hair. How to grow your hair faster? We are going to spill the beans to you all! 

Hair grows 0.3 millimeters per day or about half an inch per month. So, if you want long, beautiful hair worthy of a cartoon princess, you have to be patient and let time do its work… or give your hair a “boost” thanks to a few little tricks! 

Our tips for hair growth 

1 – Cut your hair 

Cut your hair to make it grow faster? It may sound strange and paradoxical, but it is true!  

Hair usually starts to get damaged 3 months after the last haircut. This usually results in split ends and hair becoming brittle. As soon as you notice that your hair is starting to get damaged, it is a sign that you need to go to your hairdresser’s to get your hair cut and tidy it up!  

Of course, if you want to keep long hair, you do not need to cut a lot: just cutting your hair ends is enough. This will boost your hair and stimulate its growth, because yes, damaged hair grows more slowly. So do not hesitate to cut your hair regularly to keep it long, beautiful, and healthy

2 – Massage the scalp 

The scalp is where the bulb is located, which is the “living” part of the hair, the part that allows it to grow properly. It may sound silly, but massaging your scalp can be very beneficial to your hair. In fact, by gently pressing with your fingertips, you activate blood circulation and promote cell oxygenation. This way, you help stimulate hair growth… while enjoying a moment of relaxation! 

Do not hesitate to use our Extreme Repair oil elixir as a pre-shampoo treatment to massage and stimulate your scalp, as well as our Intense Hydration mask, conditioner, and mist, which have been designed to be applied to your scalp in order to take care of it as you would take care of your facial skin. 

You can also couple the scalp massage with a scrub. Indeed, the scalp scrub helps you purify your hair and get rid of all impurities, dead skin, and dandruff. It also regulates sebum and lets the scalp breathe. The result: your hair is light and soft, and your scalp is soothed. Complete the routine with a stimulating and rebalancing shampoo, which promotes hair growth!  

3 – Take care of your diet 

The secret to healthy hair? A balanced diet

Yes, we sometimes forget about it, but our diet has a considerable impact on our skin and also on our hair! Certain foods, richer in iron, zinc, vitamins, and omega-3s, are best for healthy hair.  

4 – Vegetable oils 

Natural products, especially certain vegetable oils, have many properties and virtues. A few drops added to your shampoo or used as a treatment can strengthen the hair and stimulate growth.  

What to avoid if you want to grow your hair 

1 – Using and abusing heating devices 

Hairdryers, hair straighteners… In our daily lives, we regularly use these devices to keep our hair looking perfect. However, be careful because artificial heat and excessive temperatures damage the hair. The hair is weakened and dried out, becomes more brittle, can grow more slowly, or even tend to fall out! Therefore, prefer natural heat and use the straightener sparingly to preserve your hair. And above all, protect it before using a heating appliance, with, for example, the Intense Hydration thermo-protective mist by ELENATURE. 

2 – Washing your hair every day 

We say it over and over again, washing your hair every day is bad! 

Even if it becomes dirty quickly, you need to space out your shampoos. One day to start with, then two, three… until you wash your hair only once or twice a week. Not only will your hair not become oily as quickly, but it will also be much healthier! 

3 – Using overly aggressive products 

Many conventional shampoos and cosmetics, which are easily found in supermarkets and on the Internet, contain silicones, quats, and sulfates. Despite their very attractive promises, these products have many aggressive and harmful ingredients for the scalp and hair. For your hair, prefer organic and natural hair care products, which are gentler and take care of your hair naturally! 

4 – Tying your hair up too often 

Yes, long hair retains more heat. That is why we all tend to tie it up from time to time, for comfort or for certain activities. In the long run, keeping your hair tied up can make it more fragile. To limit breakage (both literally and figuratively!), avoid using tight elastics and leave your hair loose! 

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