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The red seaweed of the Baltic Sea: all you need to know about Capiguard !

While algae are not pleasant for all bathers, they are known to be rich in trace elements, nutrients, minerals and other vitamins. Some of them have even invited themselves to our plates. Also consumed as a food supplement or in external use their different virtues make them a major ally concerning beauty and health. If we often hear about the green algae, did you know that its cousin, the red algae of the Baltic Sea also has properties highly appreciated in the world of beauty?

On the occasion of the World Day of the Sea, which will be held on September 24, we looked at this little-known, yet so valuable, algae, otherwise called Capiguard. 

If algae occupy a place of choice in the cosmetics industry, it is because their usefulness is no longer to be demonstrated as they possess interesting characteristics. Indeed, rich in minerals and organic elements such as proteins, complex sugars, fatty acids and vitamins, their qualities in beauty care are indisputable. They have multiple properties and benefits recognized for their hydrating, regenerating, slimming, draining, detoxifying, soothing, antiseptic and more… 

Why are algae so beneficial in cosmetics ? 

Because there are great similarities between human biochemical structure and algae. As a result, our cellular system recognizes certain molecules from algae more easily than those from terrestrial plants. The result is therefore much more effective. 

What about the red algae ? 

Older but much less known than the green algae, the red algae is found almost everywhere on the shores of the seas, whether they are hot or cold. It is because its presence is particularly strong on the Baltic Sea side that it is called the “Baltic Sea Red Algae”. It has many properties, especially on the skin and hair, and many professionals praise its merits. 

The virtues of Capiguard   

– Rich in antioxidants, it has an anti-wrinkle effect and helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. It also has a softening power on the hair ; 

– It retains water and prevents dehydration of skin and hair; 

– It has a strong revitalizing power thanks to the enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins that compose it;

You will therefore understand that the use of red algae can be beneficial in your beauty routine because its action on the skin and hair is generally recognized.  

The benefits of red algae on the skin : 

A true ally in beauty, red seaweed allows maximum skin hydration. It can very well be integrated into masks, skincare or scrubs. By its nature, the red algae also allows to form, on the skin, a natural protection that allows it to regenerate. It also fights against the inconvenience of the sun on the skin. The red algae has a very appreciated exfoliating action that allows to have a radiant complexion. In addition, rich in vitamins A and B12 it fights the feeling of discomfort due to water retention by regulating flows and promoting the elimination of toxins. 

The benefits of red algae on hair : 

Having supple hair, voluminous, silky, easy to tame is a shared dream of many people. Capiguard helps us to realize it. 

Included in products designed to revitalize damaged and dried hair, Capiguard:   

-  repairs damaged hair,, 

– protects the hair from pollution and keratin from oxidation, 

– restores the cuticle and facilitates stylin, 

– provides daily hydration thanks to its moisturizing power 

When the cuticle is damaged, its barrier effect is reduced, it is then permeable. But after an application of Capiguard, the cuticle can quickly regain its original protective function. Thus, protected from urban polluting particles, the fiber is protected under properly closed cuticles. The styling is improved, better sheathed, and the hair is easily untangled and no longer face static electricity. 

Proof of this is when using the Elenature brand Protective Haze, containing Capiguard, which is suitable for all hair types or scalps. Its smoothing and protective effect facilitates the shaping of the hair and protects them from dehydration.  

What about the beard? 

For you bearded gentlemen, the red seaweed of the Baltic Sea also brings benefits to your beard. The protective and repairing effect prevents hair fall and breakage. So if you want to find or keep a fortified, soft and shiny beard do not hesitate, talk to your barber…. 

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